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Tikal Obsessed Club
Hello,Hello. Welcome to the Tikal Obsessed Club , where fans of Tikal the Echidna from the Sonic series can come together.

:iconagentkaz: - Club founder, on Perminant LOA
:iconcarrie-san: - Current Club manager
:iconmellysandshrew: - Co-manager

Joining is quite simple,really. There are a few requirements, but only a few. You must:
:bulletred: Like Tikal. But that's pretty obvious
:bulletred: Send a DEVNOTE to this account requesting to join. Please don't comment, we might miss you! Be sure to title it 'Joining' or you will be deleted!
:bulletred: Please put our icon in your sig/journal ,it helps get the word out!
:bulletred: Please devwatch the club, it's very helpful and we'll be sure to return the favor!


MellySandshrew has updated the member list with the people who were in the club before and who have responded to my notes since the last update. Hopefully, there will be more in the future.
The list should be easier to navigate through, now. If I've forgotten to put you in the list, it's because I'm an idiot and you wern't on the club's watch list and I appologize, just sned another note to the club telling me that you've been forgotten ad I'll happily put you back on. :D
I've got a contest idea in the works and will run it past the grand master carrie-san and see what she thinks of it before posting an announcement up here.
That's all for today, guys!

MellySandshrew is greatly distressed. Ugh. Words can not express how terribly, TERRIBLY sorry I am for having the club getting neglected for so long. It would seem that darling carrie-san and I have been swamped lately, and I personally can say thaat I've been neglecting my duty to check up on the club like I pormised myself I would T_T;
I'll be working on cleaning everything up around here and motivating myself into getting this club back into working 'hey cool, this club is active so let's join it!' order. I don't want to see this club become inactive or sitting round being clutterful.
I'll be fixing up the member list, making everything into text instead of icons to be friendlier to those with slower modems, alphabetizing the members, et cetera. Anyone who wishes to be taken out of the list, note the club. Anyone who is a banned user will be taken off the list, and if you're one of those people and the ban is temporary, please just note the club and I'll put you back on when the ban is over.
The member list as of now will be down until I recieve replies from people who sent their notes to join several months ago, so I don't add anyone who has changed their minds.
There will be contests in the near future, I promise this time!
I just hope you all can forgive this neglect, 'kay?

MellySandshrew would like to appologize right this instant for the lack of up-keep in the club. carrie-san hasn't had much access to the internet lately, and I... well, I really don't have an excuse for being lazy. Shame on me and all that.
But seriously, I do feel bad about leaving you guys without interesting happenings around here. I went through the notes that have piled up and updated our member and affiliate lists.
Now, a couple months back carrie-san and I were talking about a contest for reaching our 100+ member mark. I never got around to announcing it or putting the rules up or anything. Lazy me.
I'm right now working on a little announcement picture which should be uploaded to the account soon with the contest theme, rules, and entry dates. Keep your eyes peeled!
And thank you, everyone, for sticking with us! You all rock! :D

MellySandshrew Is full of joy! For we have reached 100 listed members today! :D [The 100th just so happened to be CrystalAura] I shall have to pester carrie-san about doing something special for you all, that I will.
Thank you, all, without you, the club wouldn't have grown. Keep on rocking, Tikal fans! :w00t:

-----:bulletred: The Obsessed :bulletred:-----… <--Members Affliliates-->…

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